Fur clothing items are clothes made using animal hides. They are one of the oldest forms of clothing as they have been there since the ancient times. Fur origin is believed to have been started by the early man and later on adopted all over the world. Technology has been greatly revolutionized over the years, allowing for the better production of fur coats of different textures, colors, and sizes. The modern man views fur as luxurious and warm. You can shop for them in various stores online, if you wish to own one.


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Clothing items made from natural fur are usually presentable. In the modern times, the art of producing and creating different designs to suit different people has been perfected. Fur has become so popular that you can hardly miss them in fashion show runways where different designers meet to showcase their work.

They are warm

Fur coats are the best clothing items to beat cold. They can keep you warm even on the coldest day. They have a good thermal insulating ability, preventing the body from losing heat. Inuits have been able to survive on fur coats for so long. Coats made from beaver fur are, however, the best suited for wet and rainy areas.


A good coat made from fur that is well processed will give you service for a long time. It is therefore considered a long-term investment since buying a good quality and giving it proper care will guarantee you 10-15 years. Classic coats never loose relevance and you can wear them for quite a long time.




Natural fur coats are very expensive given the many processes and time consumed when producing them. It is therefore considered quite unaffordable to many. Those that fancy fur and have no money will in most cases settle for fake fur coats since they are a bit less expensive compared to the real ones.

Mixed reactions

A lot of campaign has been done globally, especially with the animal right conservatives. They are trying to discourage more production since they see it as a form of animal cruelty. Research has been done showing wild animals like wild bison, bears and leopards numbers have greatly reduced due to poaching for the production of animal fur.

Not for all weather

Unfortunately, fur coats cannot be worn in any weather. On rainy days, for example, they will not have a pleasant smell when they get in contact with water. Therefore, having a fur coat will still limit you from wearing them during cold and wet seasons.